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SP55k Kiosk Card Printer

Developed exclusively for integration into kiosks, the Datacard SP55k kiosk card printer delivers an attractive combination of proven reliability, high-quality card printing and the ability to integrate smoothly with a variety of kiosk designs. To help kiosk integrators even more, it has low maintenance requirements and is very easy to use.

Choose from three flexible configurations.

Adapt card printing for multiple kiosk designs.

Launch new kiosk concepts more quickly.


Vivid, versatile cards

Print full-color or one-color cards and choose from one- or two-sided printing. All choices deliver brilliant results with dye sublimation quality and edge-to-edge coverage.

Versatile configurations

Flexible parameters and a coverless design easily adapt to multiple kiosks. Integrators can also choose from three configurations for simplex, duplex or duplex ATM-style card issuance. Use the integrator’s kit to look at detailed specifications and determine which configuration best suits your design.

Secure mounting base

The metal mounting base allows for secure attachment inside the kiosk structure.

Configurable card output locations and drop angle

Integrators can customize the output location of printed cards to match the specific application and kiosk design. The card drop angle can be easily customized by adjusting settings on the printer’s LCD panel.

Hot swappable printer feature

To keep kiosks up and running and minimize downtime, the SP55k printer can be swapped into a kiosk without reinstalling the driver.

Card reject tray

A separate area for rejected cards helps increase security and maintain quality control. (Available with one-sided printing only.)


ISO magnetic stripe encoding (factory install or field upgrade)

Smart card personalization (factory install or field upgrade) A wide variety of smart card options provides flexibility for many applications.


The printer supports Ethernet 10/100 Base-T bi-directional networking for the Windows 2000, Server 2003 and XP operating systems.

Backlit LCD panel

Improve efficiency with a built-in LCD panel that shows printer status at-a-glance and makes it easy to adjust printer settings.

Locking input hopper

Protect cards from theft with a locking input hopper.

Input hopper empty detection

The SP55k Plus printer can detect when the input hopper is empty. Add this custom feature to your printer with the software developer’s kit (SDK).

ATM-style card output bezel

This bezel holds a card for convenient pick-up, then retracts the card if it is not retrieved after a designated time period.

Essentra Code   Description Cap. Datacard Code
323-1008 YMCKT Full Colour with Topcoat Kit YMCKT Full Colour with Topcoat Kit 250 552854-204
323-1008 YMCKT Full Colour with Topcoat Kit YMCKT Full Colour with Topcoat Kit 500 552854-504
323-1114 YMCKT Colour Ribbon - Half Panel YMCKT Colour Ribbon - Half Panel 650 552854-530
323-1001 KT Black Ribbon with Inline Topcoat Kit KT Black Ribbon with Inline Topcoat Kit 1000 552854-509
323-1009 YMCKT-KT Full Colour with Topcoat Kit YMCKT-KT Full Colour with Topcoat Kit 300 552854-506
323-1113 YMCKT-K Full Colour with Topcoat Kit YMCKT-K Full Colour with Topcoat Kit 375 552854-520

Datacard Monochrome Ribbons for SP55 K
Essentra Code   Description Cap. Datacard Code
323-1002 Black Ribbon Kit Black Ribbon Kit 1500 552954-501
323-1010 Black HQ Ribbon Kit Black HQ Ribbon Kit 1500 552954-601
323-1003 Dark Blue Ribbon Kit Dark Blue Ribbon Kit 1500 552954-502
323-1004 White Ribbon Kit White Ribbon Kit 1500 552954-503
323-1005 Red Ribbon Kit Red Ribbon Kit 1500 552954-504
323-1011 Green Ribbon Kit (PMS349C) Green Ribbon Kit (PMS349C) 1500 552954-506
323-1006 Silver Ribbon Kit (PMS877C) Silver Ribbon Kit (PMS877C) 1500 552954-507
323-1012 Gold Ribbon Kit (PMS872C) Gold Ribbon Kit (PMS872C) 1500 552954-508
323-1013 Metallic Silver Kit Metallic Silver Kit 1500 552954-607
323-1014 Metallic Gold Ribbon Kit Metallic Gold Ribbon Kit 1500 552954-608
323-1007 Scratch Off Ribbon Kit Scratch Off Ribbon Kit 1500 552954-513

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