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ID Card Applications


School :-

School ID cards are intended to immediately identify elementary, high school, or college students, increasing campus safety

Student Id Card :-

The question of identity and access to university services are a core component of student life. As well as indicating a student's membership of their university, student ID cards can have several different functions, with multiple applications.


Payment Card :-

Improve the customer experience with Diagraph credit card printers, by offering high-quality, secure, personalized payment cards on site, using the latest encoding technologies. You will be supported by professionals, to guide you in your choices and help you implement your solution.

Prepaid Card :-

Give your customers the chance to purchase personalized prepaid cards. With ID card printers, they can be easily produced, directly in your branches, without your customers having to wait.


National Id Card :-

A national ID card needs to be durable and counterfeit-proof. Diagraph, providers of personalization solutions for cards, will advise and support you in your project to print secure ID cards.

Health Insurance Card :-

For your projects involving the creation of health insurance cards, Diagraph supplies solutions that allow you to instantly produce high-quality, secure health cards.


Membership Card :-

Instantly provide your members with a personalized membership card, enabling you to visually identify them while strengthening their ties to your club or association.

ID and access management card :-

Recreation centers offer very different activities, but all have the same concerns: how to ensure maximum comfort for their members or visitors, without restrictions, and at a competitive price. Diagraph offers PVC card printers to manage the identification and flow of people, securing spaces, or even paying for activities, using one single medium.


Loyalty Card :-

Customer loyalty is an important driver of growth for a business. Opting for decentralized loyalty card printing provides greater independence and responsiveness, and helps increase your turnover.