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Aadhar card Printers

Aadhar card printers

Aadhaar PVC Plastic card printing started on many states of INDIA, Our SD360 printer provides you an instant printing option by making your Aadhaar card printing work easier and smoother. New and advanced Aadhaar card printing require very low maintenance and highly efficient and user-friendly.

Aadhar card Printers Installation Guide

(1) Windows driver support including the 12.x Card Printer Driver
(2) Driver coexistence on Windows operating systems
(3) Preparing the printer for installation
(4) Windows installation

Features of Aadhar card Printers

(1) High quality images . Advanced Imaging Technology™ dramatically improves quality and sharpness of photos, graphics and logos. Optimized full-color and short-panel print ribbons and user-adjustable controls assure uniform solid backgrounds, excellent color matching and optimum color consistency. The short-panel ribbon can print color anywhere on the card.

(2) Easy to operate. The printer driver provides message prompts, recovery instructions, color image preview and online user help.

(3) Easy to integrate. Once installed, the SP30 Plus card printer recognizes Datacard® patented supplies and automatically enables enhanced product features that leverage our exclusive Intelligent Supplies Technology™ including automatic ribbon identifi cation, ribbon saver and ribbon low warning.

(4) Small footprint. This compact printer easily fits into virtually any workspace.

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